SQLITE Benchmark References


Besides the result posted on Sqlite websites, there are few other interesting numbers.

Collect them together for future reference.

  1. Performance with different journal modes are compared (Sqlite3.7) http://blog.quibb.org/2010/10/some-sqlite-3-7-benchmarks/
  2. Different type of bulk inserts performance is measured and compared. http://blog.quibb.org/2010/08/fast-bulk-inserts-into-sqlite/
  3. Sqlite 3.6 vs. MSSQL CE3.5 vs. Fire Bird 2 benchmark is compared. http://engin.bzzzt.biz/embeddeddb.shtml
  4. LevelDB also did a performance comparison with Sqlite3.7 and Kyoto Cabinet (1.2.67) http://leveldb.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/doc/benchmark.html

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